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Dedicated Business Voice on a Global Network

Vinix is a global provider of business communication solutions, combining advanced international networks with a comprehensive portfolio of enhanced connectivity products and services.

The Vinix enterprise voice and video network operates in 60+ countries, and currently covers 93% of the global economy!

Vinix Business Cloud Phone Service

Vinix is a global VoIP service provider, who employs the brightest minds in the telecom and tech industry to bring you
the simplest and most powerful business telephone service and features in the world. With our global network,
you’ll never have to worry about reliability or availability of your VoIP Voice and Video services.

Discover Our Applications

Every business has specific requirements to ensure their comopany reliably speaks
to their customers and vendors.

Smarter Vinix Solutions

Vinix provides VoIP business phone services and hardware that delivers unmatched business communication solutions.
From voice/video calls and messaging collaboration, to physical security devices, Vinix is continously innovating
to provide businesses with a platform to enbolden your organizations connectivity needs.

A Business Telecom Provider Like No Other

Delivering the latest in business telephone service technology with dedicated customer service

Vinix Channel Partner & Referral Program

The Vinix Referral Partner Program is a best-in-class affiliate program designed for partners who demand the best provider and services for their valued quality leads.

Partners who value and protect their reputation trust Vinix with their referrals. We value our customers and their relationship with our products. We draw on our years of experience to provide the best service in the industry.

Trusted Leading Partners In The Industry

Leveraging our certified partner relationships with leading hardware providers, we provide simple provisioning for plug & play configuration and activation, to have your business up and running in minutes.

We're Certified Partners