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The cloud hosted business phone system that connects your company, anywhere!

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Businesses all have specific needs when communicating with they teams and customers. Using Vinix communications apps
allow you to tie and integrate everything together with ease.

Deploy and scale in minutes

Set up an entire office phone system, or multiple offices. Effortlessly manage users, their devices, and provide advanced features—all within one intuitive interface.

Keep Your
Current Numbers

Number Access

Text Messaging

Long Distance in the
Domestic US48

Toll Free

Number Access

Aggressively Low
International Rates

Toll Free

Bring your existing hardware and software

Full support for our certified partners, as well as other SIP standard compatibile VoIP hardware and software solutions.

Vinix Mobile

Vinix Mobile is your mobile companion for the connected world.

An easy to use mobile phone app designed to connect your organization so you can place or receive calls as your direct business extension. In addition, you can send/receive text messages and retrieve your voicemail, in a single app on your phone, tablet or computer.

PBX Features

Vinix Business Voice and Video includes all of the features your business needs and a few you might have never even thought of. Click below to find out what they are, and then try Vinix Business Voice today.

HD Voice and Video

High definition voice and video support allows your communications to be crystal clear. Double the call quality of a typical landline call

Attended and Blind Transfer

Attended and Blind Transfer allows you to confirm the transfer number or name of the transferred call before hanging up. This feature can be enabled on all devices that support this call transfer method.

Call Hold & Call Park

You can put a customer on hold while you answer another call or call park calls to answer at another device. To return to the original caller, just click on the call park button.

Call Forwarding

Enable the call forward feature to forward all active calls to a number that you specify, such as your mobile phone or VoIP phone.

Call Failover

Call failover ensures you can get your calls forwarded to the destination you choose in the event of an internet outage.

Company Wide Directory

Let callers and team members in your company know who and how to contact others within your organizationfor each department

Services and Support Features

Vinix Business Voice Solutions are carefully designed to ensure that your business has the latest offerings of services and support.

Call Center

A powerful inbound call center solution designed to give you full control over your customer service processes and agents. You can use it for proactive support, order desk solutions, or handle demanding customer care.

Virtual Fax

Scale your faxing to receive as e-mail to as many recpients as you need or compatible with your existing fax machine/hardware using an Analog Telephony Adapter (ATA).

3-Way Conference Call

3-way call enables real-time three-person conferencing.

Conference Bridges

High-resolution audio conferences with unmatched quality and crystal clear conversations, Vinix is taking the concept of being "physically present" to the next level.

E911 Support

We are happy to provide support for E911 emergency services. What is E911? E911 is a service used by dialing 911 in Vinix's coverage area you will be connected with an emergency dispatch center which will ensure that you receive the help.

Works Amazing with Vinix Blast, Team Collaboration, Voice Video Calls

Vinix has released Blast! The new Team Collaboration for Small to Enterprise Sized Businesses. Vinix Blast, is an out-of-the-box secure app with video calls, voice calls, screen sharing and much more.

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