Hi. I'm Mark Diaz of Vinix. Nice to meet you.

Mark Diaz

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Mark Diaz began his journey into the world of technology when he was six years old. Involved in the early days of the internet, Mr. Diaz familiarized himself with early personal computers, as well as Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) systems, on packet switching networks like SprintNET, Tymnet and Telnet. Growing up, he studied a wide range of fundamental technologies on platforms by BSD UNIX, Linux and Mircosoft. Languages like Assembly, C, PHP, and more. Engaging in 5ESS switching telephony networks, he was an early adopter of VoIP technologies. In 2001, he began working with various open source VoIP projects such as Asterisk, and grew with the industry in projects such as 2600hz, Freeswitch, Kamailio and many more. In 2008, he opened a VoIP services company, Vinix Technologies, Inc. which conducted a full range of VoIP services for public companies, such as AT&T, Cbeyond, Comcast, Windstream and more, in addition to thousands of end users nationwide . In 2009, Mr. Diaz began working with 2600Hz, a San Francisco based telecommunications engineering group. They started a new project, codenamed "Whistle", which would become the Kazoo communications platform, and the foundation for Vinix's nationwide communications network. in 2014, Mr. Diaz raised an initial round of funding to launnch Vinix: a global communication provider.