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Vinix works closely with the brightest minds in the telecom industry to bring you the simplest and most powerful business phone system in the world. With our network on 3 continents, you’ll never have to worry about reliability or availability of your VoIP and video

Deploy & Scale Instantly

Add unlimited users and devices without worry. Gain peace of mind with a system that automatically protects you from failures and outages.

Intuitive Management

Set up an entire office phone system, effortlessly manage users and their services, and provide advanced features—all within one intuitive interface.

Enterprise Features

A cutting edge and enterprise grade features communications network, built to keep delivering the latest in business communications technology 

Intergrate with APIs

Utilize the Vinix API to build customized communications experiences with the ability to integrate with any other software or services.

Smart PBX

Redundant, feature-rich, business VoIP and video services for all of your needs. From auto-attendants and reception features to presence notifications, our Cloud platform’s management interface provides a user experience that’s powerful yet easy to understand and manage.

Number Manager

Number management is simple when you have one account and one provider. But what happens when you’re managing phone numbers for hundreds of customers? Our Number Manager is built explicitly for the purpose of managing number inventory across customers and carriers. Track, manage and re-use numbers without managing a database or complex inventory system.

PBX Connector

Quickly and easily purchase a SIP trunk and connect 3rd party PBX appliances to the Vinix network. Features like “Fail Over” allow you to assign numbers to dial if you experience an issue with your on-site PBX.

Call Flows

Call flows allow you to describe steps to take in order to process a phone call, using a simple drag and drop interface. They are trees of information related to a phone call that are logically grouped together to make your call processing a breeze.

Device Provisioner

One of the industry’s best and most complete provisioning systems, we’ve built a provisioner that can service hundreds of models of phones across thousands of locations. Implement simple features like logos and ringers, or complex functionality like VLANs, firmware upgrades and administrator access — remotely and reliably – while adding new brands of devices all the time.

Websockets / Webhooks

WebHooks and WebSockets provide a way to hook 3rd-party applications to the Vinix network and receive events related to the account … Such as when a call comes in, gets answered, hangs up and more!

PBX Features

HD Voice and Video

High definition voice and video support allows your communications to be crystal clear. Double the call quality of a typical landline call

Services and Devices

Virtual Fax

Send and receive faxes from your computer using your email! No need for fancy 3rd party apps. Just fire off an E-mail with your PDF attachment and you’re done!

Call Management

Drag and Drop Callflows

Share & Connect With HD Video

High Definition Video and Voice support allow you to truly immerse yourself in your communication with your team

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Phone Numbers? Long Distance?

Keep Your Numbers

Toll Free Numbers

Nationwide Number Access

International Number Access

Unlimited Long Distance in the Domestic US48

Aggressively Low International Rates

Inbound Toll Free Only $0.019 Per Min!

How About Phones and Hardware?

The Industry's Most Advanced Device Provisioner

SIP Compatible Desk Phones

SIP Compatible Desk Phones

SIP Compatible Video Conference Hardware

SIP Loud Ringers & Strobe Lighting

SIP Paging Equipment

Wired and Wireless Headsets

Bring Your Own Device Or Obtain From Us

SIP Analog Adapters (ATAs)

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